SIB Products kehittää, valmistaa ja tarjoaa lentokenttien ja rautateiden lumenpoistoon sekä koneteollisuuden materiaalikäsittelyyn ja koneenrakennukseen erityisesti valmistettuja teräs- ja muoviharjoja.

Myynnille on ominaista läheinen yhteistyö asiakkaan kanssa, jossa korkea asiakasohjautuvuus tuottaa asiakkaan toiminnassa suuren arvonlisäyksen.


Ruotsalaista laatua vuodesta 1955

SIB Productsin tuotanto tapahtuu ruotsalaisessa Västeråsin teollisuuskaupungissa

During the week SIB had a delivery control and handover for additional ten magnetic sweeper to Swedish Defence Materiel Administration and Swedish Airforce. We did a ten minutes sweep around the taxi- and runway at Malmen AFB. We succeeded to find at least some remaining steel wires from runway sweeper brushes. We are hoping the magnetic sweepers will help Swedish Airforce to minimize FOD and keep up the operational effect. Best of all the sweepers are completely free of fossil carbon dioxide emissions. Look at the film. 

SIB has signed an agreement to supply airport cassette brushes for some of Europe's largest airports. SIB has signed a framework agreement with GROUPE ADP and SCHIPHOL GROUP, for Schiphol airport, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget. Read more.

SIB Products has delivered a brand new type of magnetic airport sweeper to Västerås Airport. The sweeper has a magnetic width of 4 m and can operate at cruising speeds up to 25 km/h. The super strong Neodymium magnets create a powerful magnetic flux without any electro magnetic generator. The sweeper can therefore operate without generating any CO2-emissions.

Please welcome the latest product development from SIB Products. The new 46" wafer core is the lightest and strongest wafer core on market. The unique design in high strength steel enables maximum roundness and straigthness with minimum vibrations as a result. The surface is coated with a special durable polymer coating to ensure maximum life. The cores are available in lengths up to 22 ft in one piece. More product information.

Swedavia has signed an agreement with SIB Products for delivery of steel cassette brushes to all Swedavia airports for at least four years.

The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV), has signed an agreement with SIB Products for delivery of steel and plastic cassette brushes to all airports of the Swedish Armed Forces and FMV for at least two years. 

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