Isavia chooses SIB as the sole supplier of cassette brushes.

Isavia, the national airport operator in Iceland, has chosen SIB as the sole supplier of cassette brushes to Iceland's airports.

During last autumn, Isavia has signed a new agreement for cassette brushes. At the end of last year, it became clear that Isavia chose SIB as a supplier of cassette brushes. Isavia is the national airport operator that operates 13 airports in Iceland. The agreement is multi-annual, and it means that SIB will be be Isavia's sole supplier of cassette brushes for a long time ahead.

We are proud that SIB has been selected and we have been given confidence to contribute to available airports throughout Iceland. It is an acknowledgment that SIB meet the requirements imposed on both product and supplier in order to be able to deliver to yet another important airport operator. SIB's cassette brushes have already been selected by several major civilian and military airport operators in the Nordic countries and the rest of the World. 


SIB has signed an agreement to supply airport brushes for some of Europe´s largest airports.

SIB has signed a framework agreement with GROUPE ADP and SCHIPHOL GROUP – Schpihol, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget.

SIB has signed a framework agreement with GROUPE ADP and SCHIPHOL GROUP, for Schiphol, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Paris-Orly and Paris-Le Bourget. It means that SIB is the only supplier to provide the four airports with cassette brushes. This framework agreement runs potentially for 5 years. 

To be entrusted with the task of supplying some of Europe’s largest airports, with more than 160 million passengers per year, is a matter of great delight, prestige and pride for SIB Products. It is an acknowledgement that SIB has the quality and delivery capacity required by today’s airports, and without these attributes it would not be possible to win a tender agreement for such major and socially important airports.

SIB already supplies other major airports such as New YORK (JFK), New York (LGA), London (LHR), Frankfurt (FRA), Seoul (ICN), Kastrup (CPH), Gardemoen (OSL), Arlanda (ARN).


Runway open

Keeping the runway open in all weather conditions is a matter of safety. An exact contact between the brush and ground area is the crucial factor for achieving the best results, when the machines sweep along the runway. Creating the necessary friction on the runway is critical for a safe take-off and landing. SIB regularly supplies cassette brushes to some of the world’s most exposed airports − where the cold, snow and ice create a challenging environment at the airport.

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