SIB Runway Cassette Brush System
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SIB Cassette Brush System has existed on the market since the 1970s. Thanks to our many years of continual development and testing, today we are unique in the market to offer a 10-year warranty for all our cores. 

Patented core with 10-year warranty

SIB’s cassette cores are manufactured in aluminium and are recognised in the market for their high quality, straightness and vibration-free performance. The tracks in the cores are equipped with a patented replaceable rail that protects the core against mechanical wear and tear from the cassette. At the same time, the rail generates minimal friction during replacement of the cassette bushes. With this solution, we are unique in the market to offer a 10-year warranty for our cores if SIB’s cassette brushes are used.  

SIB’s cassette sweeper brushes are developed to withstand tough weather conditions in various climatic zones. For a long time, we have supplied cassette sweeper brushes to the major airports that are located in areas exposed to large quantities of snow and ice. This means that the products have been developed for a long time and in close collaboration with our customers. The cassette sweeper brushes are available in different sizes in steel and polypropylene. The brushes fit sweepers from machine manufacturers such as:

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