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Cassette Brush System

SIB’s Cassette Brush System is mounted on vehicles and machinery from world-leading manufacturers. Brushes and cores are available in different material and performance modes to efficiently keep the airport free from snow, ice, sand and rubbish.

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The FOD*Boss cleaner – an easily-managed system for rapidly and cost-effectively cleaning Foreign Object Debris (FOD) from the runway. FOD*Boss may be towed by light vehicles and provides safe and cost-efficient gathering and collection of FOD across the entire airfield, and even in the immediate surroundings of parked aircraft.

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Industrial brushes

SIB manufactures special brushes for the Swedish steel and timber industry. SIB offers a number of different solutions, which can improve the efficiency of all processes related to cleaning, deburring, grinding, polishing, sealing, scouring and smoothing. 

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