Value-creating technology

SIB Products creates value through its brushes and brush technology. 

SIB Products develops, manufactures and offers specially-designed steel and plastic brushes for snow clearance of airports and railways and for processing of material and machinery design in manufacturing industry. Sales are characterised by close collaboration with the customer where high customisation leads to strong value creation in the customer’s business. SIB’s cassette brush system for airports is market-leading in Northern Europe and enjoys a strong position in North America. A supplementary range of industrial products and comprehensive service and support have made SIB Products into an integrated part of larger customers’ operating organisations. The business is conducted on a global market, with management, development and manufacturing in Sweden. The company has about 25 employees and generates annual revenue of about MSEK 50.

SIB Products offers

  • Equipment for keeping airports open and clean from snow, ice, FOD and other things.
  • Equipment for keeping the railway network completely clean and free from operational disruptions.
  • Know-how and methods for developing and installing brushes in industrial applications.

SIB Products basic concept is to ensure uninterrupted operations. We call this approach “Runway open”. You should know that more than sixty years of collective experience, all new know-how and a daily commitment from innovative developers help create the equipment required for high reliability.

SIB Products is an independent subsidiary of the technology group − Lagercrantz Group, which is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2001 and conducts business in Europe, China and the USA.

Uninterupted operations at world class airports


The values that form the basis of our working method have been developed over many years. These values are highly regarded by both customers and other players and they have resulted in long-term relationships. 

We have a holistic view and an ability to cooperate. We focus on results with strong commitment.  We think ahead and anticipate the future needs of our customers. 

We take full responsibility so that the technology and deliveries work from start to finish. We understand that huge value is at stake and that our role may be crucial. We put safety first and always ensure that we deliver what we promised. 

Clear information and immediate efforts to meet our customers’ needs. It should be reassuring and pleasant to work with us. 

Power of innovation
We are curious and ingenious and our work generates many new ideas in the development of technology and working methods.


Svenska Industriborstar in Västerås AB, SIB, was founded in 1955 by Walter Droeser. During the first 25 years, we worked exclusively with brush solutions and industrial applications. 

At the end of the 1970s, we broadened our range with a completely new product. After several years of design work and testing, we unveiled a unique system for keeping runways clean from ice, snow, rubber and “Foreign Object Debris” (FOD). The cassette brush system consisting of a core and cassette brushes still remains – 35 years after it was first introduced – unique in terms of performance, economy and environmental considerations.

The company is owned by Lagercrantz Group since 2015.

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