Environmental policy

SIB continually strives to reduce and prevent the company’s environmental impacts as far as technically possible and financial reasonable.

In order to conduct as environmentally adapted operations as possible, the company aims to:

  • Ensure compliance with environmental legislation and other applicable requirements relating to SIB’s operations. 
  • By sorting of waste, recycling and reuse wherever possible, consumption of natural resources is reduced. 
  • In collaboration with suppliers, choose environmentally adapted chemicals, wherever possible. 
  • We are trying to reduce our use of fossil fuels. 
  • In development projects, we try to design products with a low environmental impact. 
  • Increase the employees’ understanding of the environment and engagement in environmental matters relating to SIB’s operations. 
  • Continually improve the operations by following up the company’s performance and the ongoing impact of the operating system.


Quality policy

SIB develops, produces and markets special brushes for industrial applications and cassette systems for snow clearance and cleaning. 
The right quality is the most important argument for our customers to choose our products and the best marketing for generating future business. 
Quality is a natural part of the entire operations in both our products and in our communication and relationship with our customers. 
We shall satisfy our customers’ demands and needs and meet their expectations. To always supply products on time with the right quality is a given. 
All employees have a responsibility for quality and are in a position to influence it. Our commitment and competence is crucial for results. 
We work on a long-term basis with competent and environmentally conscious suppliers that deliver the agreed quality and meet the promised delivery times. 
Setting clear quality targets at all levels in the company makes it possible for everyone to work towards the right quality standards. 
By regularly evaluating our performance, we can develop our operations and thereby improve.

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